Little Hands, Big Hearts


photo (3)

Each year as I put up my Christmas tree, I am reminded of the extended family that has been created within the walls of my classroom. As I hang the small, handmade ornaments from former students, stories from the past come flooding back to life. Each ornament comes with it’s own tale and I fondly reflect back to the day that they were presented to me.

These little hands come bearing gifts that they are so proud of. They smile and beg me to open their tiny treasures.  It is a magical moment when the paper has come off and their gift has become unveiled to me.  You can see the gleam in their eyes!

I don’t know if my students realize that years later, I can still remember those moments.  I don’t know if they realize that It wasn’t really about the gift or the ornament, it was about the connection and imprint they made on the life of our class. What I am sure of though is when I am unwrapping these little packages, what I am really unveiling is the heart of a child.

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