The Difference of One Year


In August it seems that I am always asked by my non-teacher friends, “When do you go back to school?” I know they are expecting me to answer back like it is a death sentence. I understand why they would think that. Besides who wouldn’t like to have ten weeks of being on your own schedule! This year it is different. My daughter is counting down the days till she can return, my husband is already in his new classroom excitedly preparing for high schoolers, and I just found out that my second Donorschoose project has been fully funded. School starting is a celebration in our house and I can’t wait for this year to begin!


A year ago I found out about the amazing power of the Twitter world. I used to think it was to follow tv shows, movie stars, and sports teams. I didn’t have time for that kind of social media. I attended a conference where Chris Lehman was speaking about his book “Energize Research, Reading, and Writing”. During the conference he was showing the audience his Twitter feed and how we could use the hashtag of the day to discuss his presentation. I was immediately hooked and began connecting with educators all over the world.  I found out about edcamps, Donorchoose, 3D printers, makerspaces, blogging, and the power of having a PLN.    These did not exist in my  world a year ago.


I am empowered by the teachers and administrators on #sunchat, #satchat, #tlap, #sstlap, and #vided

I am ready to “Teach Like a Pirate” because of @burgessdave

I am going to take my class on an Amazing Race because of the inspiration of @mrkempnz

I have a makerspace! @DonorsChoose

I am empowered to “tell the story”  @Kevinhoneycutt

I have resources to just about everything I need thanks to @cybraryman1

I will have robotics because of @mizirbs and #edcampmkw

I’ve never been more excited for the year to begin!  I know that it will be fantastic.




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