Waiting for the Bell to Ring


Yesterday was our last day of school, a day that most students come full of excited anticipation of that final bell.   That bell would mean summer was finally here!  There would soon be sleepovers,  gaming time, and adventures with family.   My kids were no different.  We filled our morning with fun and laughter as we participated in team building activities, shared our summer plans, and ate hot dogs and ice cream.  Suddenly, the day slipped by and it was time for our year to close.  We gathered together in a circle to say goodbye.  I saw eyes flip back and forth to the clock.  Would that bell ever ring?   We crossed over our hands and passed a friendship squeeze around the group.  That’s when it happened.   Usually the squeeze passes very quickly, but as they passed it from hand to hand, I saw tears instead of smiles.  They meant something to each other! They were more than a class, they had become a family.   The bell rang…. my kids stayed, hugging, crying, remembering.  That bell can be bittersweet sometimes.